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How to sell your house without a realtor

Indeed, selling a house itself is a big deal. When decided so, choosing the “one best way” is the next challenge for any house owner. The priorities or reasons to sell the house would determine the path through which the deal can be materialized. Whether to reap maximum benefits out of sale proceeds or intend to clear the dues hung on the shoulders through quick buck flow in, perhaps clears the fog and moves with or without a realtor.

In order to sell your house without a realtoror the absence of a realtor and any mediator would keep the owner on a “tight-tope walk” while pursuing relevant research on prospective buyers and the current market value of the property etc., issues of concern. Failing to do a pilot survey and gain knowledge of the prevailing market values of similar properties in the vicinity, will eventually end up in low-key sales. Therefore, it is advised for all those owners who seek the option of FSBO (for sale by owner), a number of precautions need to be taken before deciding to go ahead:

  • Whether the deal is through a mediator or directly, will eventually impact the sale proceeds and process. Principally, the entire onus of pre- and post-sale rests with the owner and that necessitates the proposed transaction to be as clean as possible without any hindrances.
  • A thorough research on the prevailing market trends and market value of such properties in the vicinity must be examined by the self or through anyone in the close circle who is equally concerned and has expertise in such investigations and number game.
  • Such investigations will enable the owner to determine a reasonable price for his or her property to pitch in the market that motivates prospective buyers to buy on the terms and conditions agreed upon.
  • House/property must be well maintained to showcase its unique features such as big lawn, architectural outfits, sophisticated interiors, etc., that can help in bargaining good price.
  • If the house/property needs any repairs or renewal, must be done before putting any notice about its sale.
  • The decision to sell home without a realtor triggers the owner to be alert in streamlining all the information on legal and financial matters while the sale agreements, consequences and dispute management are documented, and a provision must be made for arbitration in case there may be need in future to rescue from any emergency.
  • It is inevitable and unavoidable for the owner to navigate singlehandedly when the sale without a realtor under all odds and makes him or her run from pillar to post while seeking information from all authorities personally which demands more resources and time.
  • When the owner gets involved personally while dealing with the sale proceeds, the prospective buyer would take much interest due to the emotional bondage with the property being revealed which in turn makes the buyer swayed.
  • Despite deciding to selling your home without a realtor or any mediator, it is advisable to involve someone who is close to both the parties as a witness to the sale proceeds and transactions so that in case of any misunderstanding, the third party can wrap up to resolve peacefully.
  • Finally, the owner must be fully prepared to face the challenges that are part of the sale which otherwise would have been avoided if the sale is through a realtor. Saving on realtor commission, time and other external pressures may get discounted, but they must get compensated by a good price negotiation and quick (cash) disbursals.

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