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We at House Buyer Of Virginia (HBV) , help you to sell your Home in a Hassle-Free way where you can get a Quick, Fast and Fair Price. Buy houses for cash, our main objective for our customers is to give the best cash offer for their home and provide a fast, easy and stress-free transaction. HBV buys houses of any condition, in any location. HBV cut down all intermediate transactions in the buying and selling process. We buy directly from You - the Seller. No need to have the buyer or listing agent in the transaction. HBV doesn't require lending financing because we already have the funds available to get cash for your home in your pocket fast. We have been expert cash home buyers since 2016. Since then we have bought hundreds of houses AS-IS.

Hassle & Stress Free Transactions

When we buy houses, we buy them as-is. That means no need to Clean, Renovate/Repair or hire an agent to list it in the market for sale. It translates for you a better value of your property in a hassle & Stress free way.
Life is uncertain and our Team at HBV are specialized in handling different personal scenarios including Uncertain Marriage, Natural Calamity, Inherent property, Out of State owner, Running behind your mortgage payments, All of a sudden need for cash etc. We have the right people at the right place to help you with the Fast Solution in Timely manner.

Highest Off-market Valuation

Highest Off-market Valuation

We at HBV are committed to bring a transparent process based on comparables and current market analysis and bring a great value to the home sellers. We created our buying processes so simple and very straightforward where if you accept our offer it will be as simple as we exchange hands and we take care of All, yes you heard it right ALL, repairs, left behind household items/trash, transferring the utilities, any commission, if there is any, bad tenant, county/city notices, HOA violations and even we can help you in closing cost and even we bring the closing agent to you, so you need not to go anywhere to sign the documents.

Fast Closing

If you want to sell YOUR House Fast for Cash, We can do that. We are having a large pool of Investors with more than 30 Years Experience in the field. Once we explain the Fair Price of your House and you Agree and Accept that, you can consider your property to be sold at that very moment. This is because we do not have any contingencies: be it Financial or Home Inspection or any other. Our investors are ready to pay you Cash and we are ready to Close in as soon as 10 days' time. That’s why selling your House to HBV makes more sense. You get the Best Value of YOUR House and You SAVE Time and in the process Save Money as well.

Fast Closing

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