If you have a Real Estate Property in Virginia and are planning to SELL IT FAST,
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Any Location

Any Location:

We at HBV buy houses all over Northern Virginia and surrounding counties at any location.

Any Condition:

We at HBV buy houses of any condition. We offer top dollars for your house no matter what condition the house is in. Excellent, good, fair, rundown, as-is, major work needed, water damage, fire damage or any other conditions. Repairing the House will cost you Thousands of Dollars out of your pocket + unimaginable botheration during the process of House remodelling : Renting a new place to live, Finding the right Contractor, Negotiating with the right Price, Finding the correct fixture etc.

Any Condition
Fair Price

Fair Price:

We at HBV curated a process: once you agree with our offer, it's as simple as you take a check and give us the key and we take care of all the troubles for you.
The process of selling your house with HBV is so fast, straight forward and full of Peace-of-mind. And you get the Best Off-Market Price for your Property without waiting for months.
Be Smart, Choose HBV & close with Confidence on YOUR Timeline.
The Home selling process is as simple as

Fast Closing:

We at HBV have the ability to close as low as in 10 days!! Yes, you heard it right JUST 10 days after the clear title.

Fast Closing
Hassle Free

Hassle Free:

You deal directly with us as Seller and Buyer and it makes things really very straight forward without triggering many steps which are usually there in a traditional sale process. The following are some of them but are not limited to:

Fixing the house for listing: That could cost you thousands of Dollars, the average cost of fixing a 40+ old house is around $40,000 to $50,000 Which may include things like changing the Roof, changing the Windows, fixing Plumbing issues, Painting the house, resurfacing the Floor or changing the Carpet, updating the Electrical fixtures, changing the Appliances and many more.

Home Inspection Contingency: With traditional ways of listing the house usually attract the Home Inspection Contingency, that means more money to fix all the items which home inspection found in his inspection.

Appraisal Contingency: Majority of the traditional Residential Sale Contract comes with Appraisal contingency, for you as a Homeowner it means that you have to wait roughly around 3-4 weeks to actually know that Sale contract will lead to closing or not. If appraisal comes less than the contract price then there will be a great possibility of falling apart of the deal and you as a homeowner back to square one.

Financing Contingency: If for some reason the buyer could not get the financing for buying your house, financing contingency will provide him to come out from the contract and that usually comes after a 4 or 5 week from signing the sale contract. If that happens once again you are back to square one.

Fixing the Home Inspection Items: As a part of Home inspection contingency you as the seller are bound to fix the deficiencies of the house found in the Home Inspection Report. As a homeowner it means more money out of your pocket.

Providing HOA sale disclosure document packet: As a homeowner it's your responsibility to provide HOA sale disclosure sale packet, and that attract reaching out your HOA, pay fee to get the desired document, HOA inspection, and if there is any violation, as a homeowner you need to fix those HOA violations.

Fixing the Home Inspection Items: As it is in the one of the previous points, you as a Homeowner are responsible to fix all Home Inspection items prior to closing. Which could be sometimes thousands of dollars.

Radon Test Contingency: In a traditional route of Home Sale, buyers usually go with Radon Test Contingency, if in the radon inspection report the result comes more than the acceptable level the Homeowner will have to provide Radon Remediation. And that means more expense on you.

It’s Much More than You Expect: From signing the Rights to Listing your house to a Real Estate Brokerage company to actually signing the closing documents, there are so many other processes and documents to sign and take care of. Which could be a lot of stress and delays or even the possibility of falling apart of the contract.

Let’s Discuss a Case Study

How and Why the selling house with HBV is a smarter decision. Have a look at an exemplary comparison of a Selling Home transaction done thru with HBV and Realtor.

Property Address :123 Main St.

Year of Built :1965

Tax Assessed Value :$400,000

Condition of the house :Between good to poor

After Repair Value (ARV) :$500,000

Expected cost of Repair:$70,000

Payoff Amount of the existing Liens:$250,000

Description Listing To Sell with Realtor SOLD To HBV (HOUSEBUYEROFVIRGINIA)
Expected cost of Repair $70,000 None
Contract Price $500,000 $400,000
Home Inspection Contingency YES NO
Apprisal Contingency YES NO
Financial Contingency YES No
Realtor Commission (6%) $30000 None
Ordering HOA sale Disclosure Packet $500 Not needed
Home Inspection and HOA violation Items Repair $3000 Not needed
Keep the house clean for showing(for around 2-4 Weeks) $300 Not Needed
Closing Cost $5000 $5000
Seller Credit to buyer $5000 None
After Closing trash removal $700 None
Net proceed to Seller $140,500 $145,000
Time to get proceeds Atleast 4-5 Months* 10-15 days

*If all contingencies went well otherwise it would be even more

It’s really a Smart way to sell your house.

  • More money in your pocket

  • No hassle of fixing the house

  • No hassle to clean and maintain the property for 4-5 months

  • Peace of Mind, No uncertainty on contingencies.

  • No worries of cleaning the house to convey to the new owner

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