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Old houses that need work: How to sell them

It's easier to sell a house that needs repair than most people think. You will find a buyer, even if your property requires a substantial number of repairs or particularly expensive repairs. For a fast and hassle-free sale of your house, you may not have to make any repairs at all

The Question Is, Should We Repair or Should We Not Repair?

The repair of a house with numerous problems can make sense sometimes. It is possible, however, that you cannot afford to make all of the repairs. You should keep in mind that some investors are willing to buy homes needing repair and complete the repairs themselves. However, seeing if an investor or another party is willing to buy the home "as is" and make repairs themselves is not a bad idea.

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Investors can purchase your home

Most people don't care who stays in their home after they move out. You are most concerned about selling the home quickly and at a fair price. Your main concern is getting the home sold quickly and at a reasonable price. It therefore makes sense to sell your home to an investor, including to companies that buy houses for cash.

In addition, if your home requires extensive repairs, it might not even be worth the effort to look for traditional buyers or investors, as most of these buyers will not invest tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. When a home is in need of a roof replacement, kitchen or bath remodeling, or foundation repairs, there is a good chance that mostly investors will be interested rather than people looking for a home they can easily move into. The number of potential buyers is reduced even more by homes with structural or heating/cooling issues, which may not even qualify for mortgage programs.

This is exactly why you should seriously consider selling to a professional investor such as House Buyers of Virginia. Even if a home needs repairs, we will buy it.

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Repairs are made incrementally, then reassessed

The appearance of a property can be enhanced by making pretty minor repairs. Take an inventory of all repairs that need to be made in your home. Improve the aesthetics of the property by prioritizing repairs. A fresh coat of paint and new lighting, for instance, will dramatically alter the appearance of your home. If you do the repairs, you might find the home to have a great deal of appeal. You may actually see a return on your investment or even a profit if you decide to sell the home.

Get in touch with House Buyers of Virginia if you are interested in selling your home. We will buy your house as-is, no fees or hassles. In fact, we buy homes in all conditions for cash. Reach out to us today to schedule a walkthrough of your home in Virginia. You can reach us online by filling out our contact form or contact us by phone at CALL US! (703) 794-5262

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